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Edilnoleggi Valente Srl has proven experience of specialist hire services or multidirectional and traditional scaffolding and, as Gruppo Edilnoleggi Valente, covers all of Italy.

Edilnoleggi Valente Srl is the go-to company for total service, from the specific design phase of the scaffolding, including erecting and dismantling.
To satisfy all client requirements, Edilnoleggi Valente Srl also has a huge range of accessories, such as:
construction cable or rack-and-pinion hoists for goods only or passengers/goods and construction lifts solely for passengers.
Temporary roof/side protection, sliding or fixed, in various sizes.
Scaffolding intruder alarm system.

Gruppo Edilnoleggi Valente’s capacities and high specialisation have enabled them to create and manage specific solutions of scaffolding for bridges, scaffolding for road viaducts, scaffolding for historic monuments and scaffolding for churches, towers and bell towers. In the latter sector, Gruppo Edilnoleggi Valente has a prestigious record, having worked on Bernini’s colonnade in Piazza San Pietro in Rome, on the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua and on the Clock Tower in Piazza San Marco in Venice.

Lastly, Gruppo Edilnoleggi Valente also specialises in wall support and shoring, solutions also adopted following the earthquake in Emilia Romagna, and electric scaffolding specially designed for circular structures, such as the cupolas of historic buildings or round tanks in the industry sector.
In recent years Gruppo Edilnoleggi Valente has also specialised in and acquired expertise in the refinery sector.

Gruppo Edilnoleggi Valente

The growth of Edilnoleggi Valente Srl is based on a number of factors:

  • strategic location of its warehouses and technical departments, for fast and effective response all over Italy;
  • its own material available from stock, for the hire of scaffolding and temporary protection, and its own equipment in the shape of construction cable or rack-and-pinion hoists and construction lifts needed to carry out work;
  • expert technical staff for specific scaffolding design that is customised and always updated real-time;
  • a workforce of 100 employees, able to guarantee the service offered by Edilnoleggi Valente Srl within the timeframe requested by clients, based on the type of site, double shift or even night shift.


Perfect results in eight steps! How Edilnoleggi Valente Srl became a sector leader:

1. The INSPECTION, with no obligation for the client, to analyse and evaluate the construction site, make a photographic survey and acquire any documentation needed;

2. The PROJECT DRAFT – an initial evaluation and identification of the best solutions;

3. The ESTIMATE, with no obligation for the client;

4. The COLLABORATION with the client, to prepare and submit on time all necessary documentation, part of the contract to be presented for carrying out public works.

5. The DOCUMENTATION. A POS (Operational Safety Plan) and a PIMUS (Erection, Use and Dismantling Plan) are specifically prepared for each separate site. A DURC (Contributions Compliance Certificate) is sent to the client each month.

6. The GUARANTEE of complete management of the hire service of scaffolding and equipment. This includes transport, erection and dismantling within the timeframe requested by the client. All done by technicians who have undergone preparation and training in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent modifications and/or additions.

7. The technical ASSISTANCE on-site, with periodic checks of scaffolding and equipment throughout the hire period, in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent modifications and/or additions.






Business growth has led to the formation of Gruppo Edilnoleggi Valente, signifying expansion in terms of structure, geographic coverage and company size, represented by:



Edilnoleggi Valente Srl
Via Trieste 1/H località 36050 Bolzano Vicentino (VI)

email: tecnico@edilnoleggivalente.it
Tel: +39 0444.351204 - Fax: +39 0444.351220



Edilnoleggi Valente Piacenza Srl
Via Argine Po’ località 29012 Fossadello di Caorso (PC)

email: info@edilnoleggivalentepiacenza.it
Tel: + 39 0523 822581 – Fax +39 0523 821886



Ponteggi Valente Srl Divisione Industria Siracusa
Via Edoardo Garrone, 2 località 96010 Città Giardino Melilli (SR)

email: ponteggisiracusa@libero.it
Tel: +39 0931 761293 – Fax: +39 0931 761293